Saturday, April 30, 2016

Neglected Classic Cars at the Dubai Auction

The story is as follows: after seeing a cheap 450SEL 6.9 on the internet, I drove to Dubai to check out the vehicle's condition. Little did I know that I would be in for the treat of the year...

Well, there it is. The car in question: a 1979 450SEL 6.9 selling for little over $1,000.

Moving on to other things, here's a Lamborghini Urraco (ugly US-spec bumpers) and a '63 Cadillac ElDorado.

What do we have here? The mighty 300SEL 6.3 has fallen in hard times! But wait...
...not one, but TWO Porsche 356? I checked the interior are they don't seem to be replicas!
A 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28! It's raining and the window is open...
A 1955 Cadillac Eldorado Series 62

From the same year, a Buick Roadmaster Convertible

From left to right, a 1940 Cadillac, a Bentley S2 and a Hummer H1.
Mid-60's 220SE, not terribly valuable but VERY stylish! Next to it, a black Opel GT.

Similarly, a 250SE coupe in better condition than the 220SE. In the back, a white Impala.

Ah! A low-grille W111 convertible, but wait, this is no common 300SE with air suspension... it hides a 6.3 transplant!

Japanese-spec 560SEC with very low mileage, somewhere around 30k kilometers.

Somewhat ratty 280SL "Pagoda"

Aaaaand another 280SL. Next to it, a 230SL in poor condition.

AC Cobra replica. Yes, I checked!
Correction: TWO AC Cobra Replicas.

Jaguar XK120 in poor condition. Interior had been gutted and replaced with flat wood paneling.

A Mini! Well, you can't argue this one was difficult to park in there.

Representing France, a Citro├źn 2CV "Charleston"

Finally, a 1954 Chevrolet 3100 in mint condition.

These cars are long gone; some of them sold at auctions and some of them were taken back by the owner after not reaching reserve. I was told at the Emirates Auction office that they were part of a company that went bankrupt, not sure which. To this day, the classic car business is a tough one in UAE, since the market for these old cars is rather stagnant in comparison with the latest Toyotas. My advice? If you have a classic car in the UAE that you want to sell, it's better to ship it abroad and sell it there, since domestic demand is so low.

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